Szkopik Kassenbouw
The trusted address for your project
Szkopik Kassenbouw
The trusted address for your project

What does Szkopik Kassenbouw b.v. do?

Szkopik Kassenbouw is a company which is operating worldwide, specializing in construction industry, glazing, servicing, renovation, and demolishing of any glass houses, commercial buildings, horticultural centers and warehouses. Every day, our team consisting of fully engaged and enthusiastic employees is ready to carry out targeted activities to ensure you success.

Building industry

Since we build glasshouses for various facilities in the whole world, we are professionals who are able to implement you project in a perfect way.

Service & repair

Broken glass? Doors in an office building do not close properly? We are ready to help you out! As we have our regular service and maintenance team, we are ready to respond quickly, for example in case of storm damage or fire damage.


Sometimes it happens that existing projects of glasshouses offered by competitors, do not meet efficiency requirements. There are many ways to increase company’s efficiency, to save energy and create a modern look.

Demolition works

Demolition of a glasshouse or a warehouse is a task which require accuracy and precision. Szkopik Kassenbouw has knowledge and skills to carry out such tasks accurately.

About Us

We build, glaze, renovate, demolish and we do service works worldwide with respect to glass houses and commercial buildings. We are active in all segments of agricultural and horticulture industry. We are also familiar with research facilities and horticulture centers as far as our work is concerned. Szkopik Kassenbouw is a trustworthy company, together with our customers we implement forward planning, we seek out alternative solutions and we fulfill all quality requirements. Among other things, we are the member of the Dutch Royal Metal Union.

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